Java Back End Developer

Remote, Ukraine

✔ Work as part of a backend agile team, working in high velocity, delivering great quality.
✔ Design and develop end-to-end major features and new services, and introduce cutting-edge technologies.
✔ Work closely with the founding team and product managers
✔ Support the availability of our service, participate in the on-call shifts
✔ Innovate, Learn and Teach. Required Skills 

✔ At least 6 years experience in Java server-side development
✔ Proven experience in leveraging the power of both relational and NoSQL databases.
✔ Experience with Restful web-services and API technologies.
✔ Familiarity in Linux-based systems.
✔ Practical experience in an agile software development environment
✔ You write clean reusable code, and value readability over cleverness.
✔ Self-driven and result-oriented; You’ll jump on a task and drive it to completion.
✔  Comfortable in a fast-paced environment.
✔ BSc. in Computer Science or equivalent experience. 

✔ Experience in design and implementation of microservices architecture. 
✔ Experience with scaling applications and building high availability systems
✔ Experience in Caching (Memcache/Redis/Other)
✔ Experience in messaging systems: RabbitMQ or similar.
✔ Experience in non-blocking/reactive web frameworks: RxJava, Spring WebFlux or similar.
✔ Experience in distributed streaming and processing platforms: Kafka, Spark or similar.
✔ Experience in parser generators: ANTLR, JavaCC or similar.

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