Automation QA Engineer

Kyiv, Ukraine

Key experience:
✔ Relevant work experience in development and/or testing role.
✔ Technical background and understanding of the software development industry.
✔  Strong organizational, time management, and multi-tasking skills.
✔  Self-Starter, Creative, and innovative.
✔  Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills.
✔  Team player and ability to work in a fast paced environment.
✔  Experience with Agile and Scrum methodologies.

Key skills:
✔  Good development/scripting skills in common languages Java/Python.
✔  SVN, GIT source control systems experience.
✔  Software design patterns knowledge.
✔  Software development / Software testing life cycle knowledge.

Will add value:
✔  Manual or automated testing experience.
✔  Knowledge of automated testing methodologies (BDD, DDT, etc.).
✔  Experience in automated test framework (Selenium/Webdriver, QTP, Robot, etc.).
✔  Experience with testing frameworks (JUnit, Nunit, Test-NG, Cucumber).
✔  Continuous systems integration testing concept and familiarity with CI tools (Jenkins/Hudson, TeamCity).
✔  Familiar with SQL scripting.
✔  Familiar with Linux shell scripting.
✔  Understanding the principles of HTTP, web applications.
✔  Experience in Jmeter or other Load/Performance Testing tools.

We offer:
✔  Work in a friendly team at a modern office.
✔  Unlimited coffee, snacks, and fruits.
✔  Health insurance.
✔  English language training.
✔  Real Agile.
✔  Competitive salary level.

Automation QA will be primarily responsible for developing automated test framework and scenarios and identifying/reporting defects. Candidates should be passionate about software development, software quality, and test automation:
✔  Develop a testing strategy for applications with little or no documented requirements.
✔  Interpret requirements to develop positive and negative test scenarios.
✔  Participate in the development of an automated testing framework.
✔  Develop and maintain test execution steps in an automated framework.
✔  Provide accurate estimates for test design and execution work.
✔  Perform manual and exploratory testing as needed.
✔  Develop/utilize tools and programs to facilitate testing.
✔  Identify, analyze, and troubleshoot problems.
✔  Document and communicate test results.
✔  Document and track product defects.
✔  Adhere to team priorities and work well in an integrated developer/tester environment.

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