Salesforce Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine

We are looking for a (Senior) Salesforce Developer with architectural experience for building and maintaining a (Salesforce-heavy) enterprise tooling “ecosystem”:
✔ Profound knowledge of customizations/extensions in Salesforce that requires development on the Salesforce platform & with Salesforce best-practices.  
✔ Also, experience with enterprise tooling/architecture would be preferred i.e. someone who knows how to build/maintain an enterprise tool ecosystem around Salesforce (connection to other tools like ERP, BI Tools, own backend services, etc.). So the more senior and more general enterprise architecture or SW dev knowledge/ experience the better.
✔ Existing Salesforce org with >250 users; Salesforce Modules/Clouds we currently have: Sales, Service, Field Service Lightning, and Pardot
✔ Some projects we recently did (which included Salesforce Dev work):
✔ Custom build Webshop in Salesforce (+connector to 3rd party fulfillment partner) to order spare parts directly from Service Cases
✔ Recurring revenue billing out of SFDC
✔ Connector to the data warehouse
✔ DocuSign integration
✔ Setup of used machine business (payback and resell of machines) in SFDC
✔Digital Operations team: Responsible for not-product related software tooling & Business Process Mgmt. at EGYM. Currently 7 people (from all around the world) incl. Salesforce Admin, SW Dev, SAP Admin, etc. In the past, we have also worked with external partners on projects (consulting companies, freelancers). Current Salesforce Dev leaves at the end of February.

Job Description:
You are thrilled to be working with Salesforce and building a smoothly-running enterprise tooling ecosystem is what you strive for? We’re looking for a Salesforce expert to help us bring our CRM and process automation to the next level. 

Your Daily Workout 
✔ You design customizations and extensions in Salesforce and implement them independently, with our internal team or with external partners 
✔ You develop your code with SFDX in a microservice fashion and with quality as well as Salesforce best practices in mind 
✔ You manage some projects for larger customizations on your own 
✔ You are involved in the entire development flow – including requirements gathering/validation, development, testing, deployment & operations 
✔ You are motivated to build and maintain an enterprise tooling ecosystem with Salesforce as its centerpiece and automate core business processes

Your Fitness Level 
✔ You already have some years of experience with Salesforce development (Apex, Lightning Components, LWC, Flows, etc.) 
✔ You also have the architectural experience to build a well-running tool ecosystem around Salesforce
✔ You have a degree in Software Engineering or a comparable background 
✔ You ideally know about web programming (Javascript, CSS, HTML)  
✔ You have very good English skills 
✔ You are motivated to operate with different departments and help colleagues to facilitate their work through automation

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