Senior Front End Developer

Kyiv, Ukraine


We are looking for an experienced Front End Developer to join our R&D department in Kyiv. As a Front End Developer you’ll work on user-facing features to improve the user experience across our platform.


✔ Develop products and features on the Platform.
✔ Design, develop, test and deploy high traffic features, with an emphasis on scalability and performance.
✔ Be in charge of your team’s technical domain – from design to production.


✔ Top notch FE developer with curiosity 5+ years of Javascript experience, working knowledge of asynchronous programming and ES6 concepts
✔ 5+ years of HTML/CSS experience, familiarity with cross-browser compatibility, accessibility and SEO best practices
✔ Strong experience with Node.JS and React
✔ Experience with browser APIs & front end performance optimisations
✔ MSc, BSc in CS is an advantage
✔ Fluent English

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