Quality Assurance Engineer

Kyiv, Ukraine

We are on a mission to empower modern data teams to deliver insights to everyone inside and outside their organisations. We bring “power to the builders” by enabling our customers to answer complex questions with data and drive the best business outcomes possible.

About us
 We’re a passionate, venture-funded team with more than 2000 customers, including Nasdaq, GE Healthcare, Honda, Verizon, and Philips
 We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We’re constantly measuring and optimising everything about the business.
 We have close relationships with our customers.
 We’ve been recognised by Comparably, Glassdoor, and Gartner for our amazing company culture.
 We have super high customer retention — better than best in class SaaS companies.
 We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We’re constantly measuring and optimising everything about the business.
 We’ve been recognised by Comparably, Glassdoor, and Best Places to Work for our amazing company culture.

You’ll be surrounded by strong QA engineers, a team that stands guard over the quality of a huge product and is passionate about being a technological leader. You will be surprised at the complexity of tasks that require an analytical mindset and a good imagination to solve. Your journey of acquiring new professional skills and technology is endless.

By Day 30…
 You will meet your colleagues in the quality assurance department, the Scrum team, and the functionality they are working on
 You will learn about the product both from the FE and BE sides
 You will learn about methodologies and approaches applied in our Quality and Infrastructure Department
 You will have a strong understanding of the product structure and areas of your responsibility

Day 60…
 You will be involved in all stages of the feature development life cycle
 You will work to maintain sprint issues, develop test documentation with test design techniques for new features, based on the requirements
 You will participate in release regression testing activities to meet the product quality criteria
 You will get acquainted with our Automation Framework and approaches are being held to provide automation coverage for the features under your responsibility

Day 90…
 You will be the owner of the features developed in your team to provide excellent quality that includes full QA support and automation coverage
 You will work closely with the product team on the new features in terms of requirements and edge cases
 You will actively participate in regression testing to ensure that release criteria are being held
 You will work with customer’s escalations to provide consultations and do post-analysis activities

 You have a data-driven, analytical mind and excellent problem-solving skills
 You’re a good team player, motivated to develop and solve complex tasks
 You are an experienced QA who has significant knowledge in all levels of testing
 You have strong knowledge in the design, implementation, and execution of test documentation that starts from the static testing
 You have experience in automation on Java or other programming language, based on OOP + PageObject pattern
 You have proven experience and strong skills in API testing
 Experience of working with JIRA, TestRail, and Confluence
 You have also experience with continuous integration processes and tools (TeamCity, Jenkins, or similar)
 Experience with source code management tools (git)
 Also, you’ve been working with Linux based systems

 SDLC: Scrum;
 OS: Windows, Linux;
 CI: TeamCity, Jenkins;
 Bug Tracking System: Jira;
 Test management tool: TestRail;
 DB: MongoDB;
 VCS: Git;
 Automation testing: Selenium (WebDriver), Java, OOP + PageObject pattern;
 API testing: Postman, Swagger, Jmeter;
 Performance testing: Jmeter;
 Data structures: XML, HTML, JSON etc.

 We live our values. We care about each other, the technology we create, and the customers we support. We know we’re constantly learning and improving, and look forward to sharing insights and techniques with each other.
 We have interesting customers. We support the Red Cross with dashboards about supplies, help a suicide prevention hotline with SQL+Python ML analysis, and enable Tinder to make better matches.
 We are our own customers. We’re heavy users of the features we build and have an intuitive understanding of what makes data teams so special and successful.
 “You have unlimited questions remaining” is core to our team’s philosophy. We are excited about learning and sharing together, and work hard to make sure that everyone is set up for success.

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