Kyiv, Ukraine


As a Backend Engineer, you’re given the unique opportunity to partner intimately with Procore’s customer base, translating their fundamental needs into technological SaaS solutions. Backed by the might of our other teams, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources needed to achieve extraordinary results that render a significant impact extending beyond the boundaries of traditional engineering roles.

RESPONSIBILITIES Establish standards for development teams and lead initiatives in collaboration with Product, Quality Assurance, User Experience, and other internal groups
✔ Use a customer-centric approach to lead architectural design decisions that improve scalability and performance
✔ Develop fellow teammates by conducting code reviews, providing mentorship, pairing, and training opportunities
✔ Leverage our tech stack: Ruby/Rails/Postgres running in AWS on the back end, and React/JavaScript on the front end

Drive key projects including:

✔ Scalability: We’re scaling Ruby on Rails and need engineers who are ready to take on the challenge of working on live, core systems with millions of users.

✔ Complex file systems: We’re building a world-class document and photo file management system from the ground up. You’ll work through challenges like pdf creation, photo management, large file manipulations, permissions and file revisioning, 3D models, and videos.

✔ Microservices: We build, maintain, and develop a wide series of microservices and are looking for engineers adept at discovering new opportunities and driving them to completion.


✔ 3+ years experience in Object Oriented Program fundamentals, Test Driven Development and Design principles (Ruby on Rails, Python, C++, Java)

✔ Understand the tradeoffs between technical, analytical and product goals, and are adept at formulating solutions that satisfy all of these needs

✔ Experience in working with asynchronous requests in large scale applications

✔ Experience in working and developing RESTful APIs

✔ Experience leading large initiatives with the ability to course correct as needed

✔ Proven expertise with modern web development including development, testing, staging, deploying, and monitoring

✔ Ability to consistently evaluate current technical approaches to continue to be industry best-of-class

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